What and when?

NEXT RIDE: 11th Annual Willy Nilly: Sunday, February 24 (pending confirmation), 2019

Same day, different island: If you like the idea of dragging your winter insulation-padded arse out for a ritualistic early-season bike ride, but prefer to dodge herds, registration, fees, and rules, then...

You're welcome to join in on a happily unorganized season-opening spin on Vashon Island, WA

> Registration/fees: None
> "Ride your ride": Start time is just a guide, select your route/distance, your pace, your style...road cyclists, gravellistas, mountain bikers (there are trails on Vashon)...
> Bring your own group or join one...
> Start: Outside (south side) of Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle
> Finish: Inside of Beveridge Place Pub (we recommend post-ride hydration)
> Popular start time: 30 minutes prior to ferry departure closest to 9:30 am (schedule not yet confirmed)
> Fauntleroy/Vashon ferry departure time options: (schedule not yet confirmed)
> Beveridge to Fauntleroy dock: map
> One of many Vashon routes (a "standard"): map
> Food & hot/cold beverages: Provisions can be found during the ride on Vashon at any of our favorite stops along the "standard" loop route: Burton Coffee Stand, Snapdragon Bakery & Cafe, Cafe Luna, The Hardware Store, or the Red Bicycle
> On-island bike repairs: Vashon Bikes right on the main loop route in Burton, and Spider's Ski & Sports in downtown Vashon

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RECENT RIDE: 5th Annual Sunride Summer Solstice Hillclimb: June 23, 2018

Join us for a solstice-welcoming spin up to Sunrise Visitor Center at Mt. Rainier. "We" could be 5 riders or 150, with varied start times/locations ("ride your ride").

> Registration/fees: Nope
> Campout: On Fri night some of us will be snoozing at Silver Springs Campground (after dinner/beverages at the Naches Tavern)
> "Standard" is a suggested popular option ("ride your ride")...
> Standard ride start time: 7:00am (suggested wee-early start is for minimizing vehicle traffic conflict & maximizing sunrise lighting splendor)
> Standard start/finish: SR 410 & Crystal Mtn. Blvd. (some do a shorter route, parking/starting close to the road access gate near White River Campground)
> Standard route map: click here
> Standard ride profile: 40 miles up/down (20 mi climbing about 4,800', then zooming 20 mi back down to start/finish)
> Enticing post-ride hydration meetup: Naches Tavern in Greenwater

Access/Route Details
> Road access details are subject to change per the whims of the rangers and/or maintenance personnel
> During solstice timing the road to Sunrise from the gate near the White River Campground intersection is typically closed to all public traffic during the week
> Sometimes the gate/road is opened up for hikers and bicycles (not cars) during the weekend
> However, maintenance crews may decide at any moment to close the gate to all traffic for any timeframe of their choosing
> While the standard plan A is to ride up to the gate from the start/finish listed above; if the gate is closed to bicycles, then Plan B is to turn around and ride to Chinook Pass, and from there down to Skookum Falls Viewpoint on hwy 410, from which we'll return to our original starting point (link to the Plan B route map).
> Plan B results in about the same total elevation gain as the standard Sunride route, and the distance is 6 miles longer

"Ride your ride": Join whoever shows up or bring your own riding comrades, your pace, your style, start time is just a guide

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Willy Nilly Gear

100% of sales "profit" goes to supporting children's cancer research via the Children's Cancer Research Fund

> Willy Nilly t-shirts (M/W): view/purchase
> Willy Nilly hoodies (unisex): view/purchase

Willy Nilly History

In January 2009 a handful of cycling friends (or drinking colleaguess, depending on your perspective) were discussing options for a wintery group road bike ride to kick off a new season. None of us were game for the iconic Chilly Hilly on Bainbridge Island. While the Chilly Hilly does an amazing job of inspiring thousands of riders to register and ride the beautiful designated route, this kind of ride just wasn't our cup of tea. To each their own, right? We decided to ride a more personalized and free-form ride on the same day as the Chilly Hilly, in solidarity with the herd to the north of us, and thus the present-day Willy Nilly was born.

The name "Willy Nilly" was originally a nickname for a one-time ride that happened on Vashon Island in February, 1993 following the first inauguration of President William "Willy" Clinton. During the 2009 discussion referenced above, someone (let's call him "Brad") related the story of participating in the 1993 ride. We loved the name. We loved riding on Vashon. Willy Nilly rhyming with Chilly Hilly seemed an obvious sign of encouragement. Shazam.

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v9: 2017: DRIEST, POPULAREST and most RECORD-BREAKING season-opening ride EVER! #MaybeFakeNews #MakeVashonWeirdAgain

Winter Willy Nilly
February 26, 2017

Well as I predicted many times - so many, many times...too many times to count - before this year's Willy Nilly ride, the weather this year was going to be great. Amazingly great. And guess what? It was so great. And because of my uniquely great talent for negotiating the future with nature, I was the only one smart enough to wear sunscreen. And what does that tell you? I wore sunscreen, becase it was very sunny, alright? And because I'm very very smart. So it was sunny. And warm. And dry. I can't tell you how great the dryness was that I alone negotiated!! "You're welcome" is all I gotta say.

I alone negotiated with nature for bathing suit weather during Willy Nilly 2017 (#MaybeFakeNews)

Now, you may have heard some #FakeNews...let me repeat that: #Fake-News...that some disloyal cowards leaked (and trust me, they will pay for their leakage), but no, there was no drizzling rain or bone-deep chilliness...and no, there was no actual concern about possible hypno-thermia issues when one rider made an extended forced-stop to deal with a mechanical problem with his crangkarm. What's that? Oh, crank arm. Whatever that is. Doesn't matter. I'm not some lowly mechanic. Grease under my fingernails? Fuhgedaboudit! I mean, I could be the best mechanic in the universe if I wanted to...#NotFair to doubt my potential just because I don't know what a crangkarn is.

#FakeNews! (credit Ken P)
Did you also hear the word on the street about all of those Willy Nilly riders, jostling with their pointy little bicyclist elbows to get closest to the propane heater, while enjoying delish coffee, served with a winning smile (a special one just for me, I'm used to it), at the Burton Coffee Stand? So #TotallyFakeNews.

Just like the #FaaakeNeeews that riders took turns eagerly warming their lycra tushes...around a toasty fireplace...while having darn tasty beer from Georgetown Brewing and delish brunchy-snacks at the Snapdragon Bakery & Cafe. The food and hot/cold beverages there are just so super-great when I'm there, and only when I'm there, see, because the people...the people who work there and the people who go there - everyone - all the people love me so much that the food ordered by me or anyone with me is always just the bomb - always!

The Willy Nilly crowds this year were just so huge - and I mean freaking huuuge - that we broke records. SO MANY RECORDS! That's right, no bigger crowd of riders has ever-before come together like this, never in the history of season-opening bicycle rides anytime, anywhere, in the entire...history...of-the WORLD. History of the universe, actually, to be perfectly honest.

A few of the record-breaking number of riders that attended (#MaybeFakeNews)